"I love to get freaky," said Trisha Lynne, a 45-year-old secretary from upstate New York who's getting freaky right off the bat in her 40SomethingMag.com debut. Here she is, fucking and sucking as naturally as she might..take dictation? Do secretaries still do that? Or do they just fuck and tease their bosses? Trisha Lynne, who stands 5'4" and weighs 118 pounds (with measurements of 36C-26-33) does it all, and she does it well. "I love riding a motorcycle, walking, sewing, and spending time with my kids and grandkids." She's a GILF! "I have many fantasies. One that I've yet to fulfill is to have multiple guys at the ame time. Lots of cum all over me would be so hot!" We'll see what we can do, Trisha. .

We close things out this issue with beautiful covergirl Gia Giancarlo who, believe it or not, is 52 years old. Yeah, we checked her ID. We proofed her. And she's the most spectacular 50something we've ever seen. "Thank you for the compliment," Gia said as she began to disrobe, revealing a body that most 18-year-olds would be proud of. "I've been mistaken for as young as 35 and most people don't believe I'm over 40. But I'm very proud of my age. When people ask me how old I am, I don't get offended. I say, '52,' and wait for their reaction. I guess it's a combination of luck, good genes and hard work." Her face is gorgeous.

Kelly Alston, a 50-year-old divorcee from Raleigh, North Carolina, works in medicine, not in porn, so she's not a porn star. But in face and body-type (shaved pussy, too), she reminds us a lot of uber-40something porn star Kelly Leigh. The tits, the ass, the pussy, are all reminiscent of Ms. Leigh. But will Ms. Alston take it up the ass like the other Kelly? Time will tell, but we're guessing yes. This is a woman who's very happy about fucking. Check out JPG 34. Kelly is smiling while she's sucking cock. How many times have you seen a chick smiling with a cock in her mouth? Never, right? "I love sex, and I'm a born exhibitionist," Kelly said.

"I work in a shop that sells sexy lingerie," said Ember, a British divorcee who takes full advantage of the employee discount. "These stockings are my favorite item." Yes, Ember came to her 40Something photo shoot with her own wardrobe, and she proceeded to destroy it, crotch first. "I've gone through 20 pairs of these already," she said. "I love to wear them and have my lovers tear through them to get to my pussy. I wish I had discovered the shop and my love of lingerie while I was still married," Ember said, somewhat sadly. "My problem was that all I cared about was keeping a nice home and taking care of our children, when I should have spent more time taking care of my hubby's needs. Then, when he left, I needed a job, so I started to work at the lingerie shop. That's when I realized that I love sexy lingerie, and that's when I realized how much fun the company of a gentleman can be." .

Here's another look at Brianna, a 40-year-old singer/songwriter/entertainer from Las Vegas, Nevada, and, yeah, she's fucking again. This is a mature chick who has "slut" written all over her. Her face looks like it was meant to be fucked, her pussy like it was meant to be stretched by a cock. "I've actually had men come up to me and say, 'You look like you need a good fuck,'" Brianna said. "That line never works, although it definitely gets me thinking." It just goes to show ya, even a chick like Brianna needs to be treated with a little respect once in a while..before you slam her cunt hole and jizz her face.

We've seen Erica Lauren, a 54-year-old from Los Angeles, California. But this is the first time we're seeing her with a cock in her mouth, pussy and, yes, her ass. This devoted wife and mother has gone the porn-star route! "I have sex almost every day, either with my husband, a couple we met or on camera with a hung stud I didn't even know an hour earlier," she said. "I'm having more sex than I ever had in my life, and I'm loving it. Even anal!" Even anal? "Well, you know how most women think they don't like it? They should try it. They'll love it." Good advice for a woman who's old enough to know. .

Pretty face, nice tits, firm ass. That's Lorena Ponce, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in Anaheim, California, lives in San Diego, California, and will soon be making her magazine debut as a 40Something covergirl. "Sexy to me comes from within," she said. "It's the way a person carries themselves with confidence and pride. Sexy is a twinkle in the eyes, a beautiful smile and the way someone walks. A confident yet humble man isn't afraid to ask for what he wants. I'm usually assertive sexually, but sometimes I just want to be taken, and I need a man who has the confidence to do that." Are you that man?